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About Us

it was hot sauce market and more Now it is zhicay foods

We are your online source for exotic and hard-to-find products and ingredients for cooking. Experience ingredients that have journeyed to your plate from all corners of the world.

Our company’s priority is to fulfill the most demanding culinary preferences of chefs, professionals, connoisseurs, and lovers of gourmet food delicacies.

Our passion for gourmet food motivates us to continue to work hard and remain a top leader in the industry.

Our aim is to exceed all your expectations.

Is a family-owned and operated business that has been offering the very finest in top-quality foods and customer service for more than 5 Years. We have products from all over the world for all the tastes of our clients we always try to have what you are looking for we are prepared to get you what you need if we do not have we try to get it for you

Our Location:

34-41 111th Street, Corona, New York, 11368